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Lutz Leda

Lawyer, business mediator, specialist lawyer for banking and capital markets law

+49 69 348 684-251

Trustworthiness, integrity and proactive advice are the cornerstones of how we work. Your individual needs and goals and tailor-made solutions that are not only legally correct but also economically and personally sensible are our priority.  Our long-standing customer relationships are the result of trusting cooperation.

Areas of law


  • Banking and capital market law (especially card-based payment systems)

  • data protection

  • IT law / e-business

  • Sponsorship

  • Sports and entertainment law



  • Banking and Capital Markets Law Working Group (in the DAV)

  • German Specialist Journalists Association

Projkte Lutz Leda

Projects (selection)


  • POS terminal manufacturer (USA)

    Selling a POS terminalteller by way of an asset deal


  • Payment service provider

    M&A advice

    Advice in connection with the defense of penalties by the card organizationen Visa and Mastercard due to so-called non-compliance with the regulations of the card organizations; Negotiations with the client's customers and banks for the purpose of exploiting loan collateral.

    Advice on the acceptance of credit cards for gambling transactions, including criminal assessment of the underlying business models


  • Credit institution (USA)

    Ongoing advice to a credit card acquirer, especially on the implementation of PSD2; Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


  • Credit card companies

    Ongoing advice in the area of card-related payment systems (issuing and acquiring)


  • Payment service provider

    Contractual and regulatory advice for a payment service provider


  • Payment service provider (Switzerland)

    Compliance advice on money laundering prevention; Support in joining a Swiss self-regulatory organization (SRO)


  • Payment service provider (Austria)

    Advice within the framework of an MBO; Support in applying for permission to provide payment services through a UK group company


  • Credit institution (Austria)

    Regulatory advice to an Austrian credit institution on establishing a place of business in Germany (branch, representative office, etc.); Preparation of all necessary regulatory documents and submission to BaFin; Accompanying the entire notification process


  • Securities Trading Bank (Denmark)

    Out-of-court and in-court representation of a global Danish securities trading bank


  • Securities trading bank (Switzerland)

    Out-of-court and in-court representation of a global Danish securities trading bank


  • IT consulting company

    Comprehensive advice on the implementation of a job exchange on the Internet; Conception of all contracts; General and corporate law advice


  • IT company

    Advising a manufacturer of software for companies in the energy industry


  • airline

    Advice in the area of IT/data protection as well as on payment transactions


  • TK company

    Advice on concluding a sponsorship agreement in the field of football


  • IT consulting company (e-recruiting platform)

    Advice in the area of data protection, in particular implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), general advice


  • Payment institution

    Advice on the implementation of PSD2; procedural representation


  • Congress organizer

    Advice on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


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