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Law firm for corporate law, banking and capital markets law, company law

Your individual needs and goals are always our priority.

As experts in corporate, banking and capital markets law, we take a holistic approach and see ourselves as Trusted Advisors in order to provide you with the best possible legal advice.

Trustworthiness, integrity and proactive advice are the cornerstones of our way of working. Your individual needs and goals and tailor-made solutions that are not only legally correct but also make economic and personal sense are our priority.  Our long-standing client relationships are the result of trusting cooperation.

Our principles

  • We are solution-oriented. This means understanding our clients' needs in order to offer tailored solutions to truly solve their problems.

  • We are fair. We value fairness and treat employees, clients and business partners with respect and as equals.

  • We are open and communicative. We always ensure that all staff, clients and business partners are well informed and involved at all times.

  • We act with foresight. We think long-term in order to make forward-looking decisions and achieve long-term success.

  • We are assertive. We pursue your goals with determination and commitment in order to implement them successfully.


Lutz Leda


Business mediator

Specialist lawyer for banking and capital markets law

+49 69 348 684-252


Thorsten Wobig


Specialist lawyer for banking and capital markets law

+49 69 348 684-252


Our approach

We consistently think in a solution-oriented manner

A pragmatic and solution-oriented approach means focusing on reality and finding solutions that work, rather than focusing on theories or ideals that may not be practical. And that is exactly what we do.

We select the best solution approach

We always investigate different approaches and select those that are best suited to solve the problem. To do this, we thoroughly analyse the different options, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages.

We analyze to fully understand problems

Our first priority is to identify and define problems. Through our long experience, we gain a deep understanding of the problem and its circumstances. We look at the different aspects of the problem as well as their interconnections.

We adapt our approaches when necessary

During the solution process, we monitor progress so that we can adjust or completely revise it at any time if circumstances change or if it becomes clear that the original solution is not successful.

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